Gift Card for every occasion


Don't be mistaken in the choice of gifts: offer a Daregreen "Gift Mail".

Offer a voucher for the amount of your choice in increments of €10*. The voucher with the promo code will be sent to you directly in a nice email within 24 hours.

*Per slice of 10€: see details below

The gift vouchers will be sent in a nice email with a promo code to be used on the Daregreen site in one or more times, with a validity of 12 months.


100% secure payments

To be received in a nice email: no paper or card needed!*

Offer Daregreen gift vouchers and be sure to please. It's easy! put the quantity of gift vouchers you want, 1 gift voucher = 10€.

For example, if you want to offer 60€, type the quantity 6, validate and pay. You will receive 1 global check of 60€ to be used on the whole site in 1 or more times

If you wish to offer several gift vouchers, leave us a comment in the box provided for this purpose (number of vouchers desired / amounts for each check and first name of the recipient) in the "Address" tab.

We can also send the email directly to the person on your behalf! Leave us a comment when placing your order with the email address of your correspondent and your first and last name.

*it's possible to print the gift card!