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Daregreen has taken care to select for you hemp clothing & accessories suppliers respecting the ecological and ethical values ​​in a concern of protection of the environment and the man. Daregreen wanted above all to favor European companies.

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Based in London, this company was founded in 1995 with a desire to wear "natural" clothing and developed the activity of natural fibers, including hemp to weave, knit fabrics. Today, building on this experience, Braintree is one of the European motors in the natural ready-to-wear range with certifications recognized worldwide. Braintree sources hemp in the Far East. Due to its geographical and climatic situation, the hemp obtained is of a remarkable quality. Environmental innovation, from year to year, is at the heart of concerns in a concern for the environment and today meets European regulations and our quality charters.

For 20 years, the brand has been offering clothes made mainly with hemp, bamboo and organic cotton from China. Over time, China continues to innovate its ecological fabrics and its offer in natural, sustainable and recycled products. The supply of fabric and the manufacture of clothing are in the same place which allows to enter a logic of sustainable development by reducing the carbon footprint.


Thought today shares common values ​​with its Chinese suppliers. They create jobs, protect wages and working conditions. The year 2017 was a turning point for the brand Braintree which changes completely its graphic charter and is now called Thought. Since the mid-1990s, Braintree has been a champion of eco-fiber. By using sustainable fabrics that respect the planet and human conditions, the ranges for men and women are uniquely designed with care and commitment to ensure quality and sustainable style. All efforts for sustainability are encouraged, no matter how small. It was, therefore, necessary to give a more general name to this ecological thought. The dyes are free of Azo (a harmful carcinogen) and the finishes used (waterproof coating for example) are as environmentally friendly as possible thanks to Oeko Tex®.

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Based in Dole, France, this company guarantees quality fabrics with complete transparency about the origin of the production, spinning, weaving and dyeing of its products. All manufacturing steps are certified by GOTS. All their fabrics are made from hemp and organic cotton. Cantate du Chanvre has long marketed products from China, the only producer of hemp in large quantities. It is now developing a long-term project: a textile hemp industry in France to market a locally made ecological fabric. The milestones are already defined and the futures company wants to make French hemp yarn!

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Traditionally, Romanians cultivated hemp for its fiber. By combining their ancestral know-how with the excellent conditions soil moisture for the cultivation of this plant, Romania has developed record production on its land. Cavvas considers hemp as a significant renewable resource, and as a result, its mission was quickly defined and committed: to revive this old tradition by combining modern technology with their extensive experience over the centuries. The cultivation of hemp and the manufacture of textiles are therefore carried out in their entirety in Europe. Cavvas has become one of the leading manufacturers of European hemp textiles. The entire production is based in Romania, CAVVAS Limited is subject to EU law (as a result the European Declaration of Human Rights) respects the guideline of fair trade rules (fair price, terms of trade). Fair Trade, Direct Trade, Democracy and Transparency, Community Development, Environmental Sustainability).


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Founded in 1999, the German clothing brand HempAge manufactures clothing made from natural fiber of hemp and organic cotton. The properties of hemp are numerous: ecological culture, robustness, anti-bacterial, absorbent fiber, anti-fungal, natural UV protection and anti-static ... HempAge therefore decides to highlight this plant through timeless clothing, limiting fashion effects and waste. A long way has started from hand-woven and factory-dyed Hemp in Thailand, passing through industrial production in Romania, to achieve the excellent quality that this brand offers today with their Chinese partners. Hemp is grown by small farmers in China's Shanxi Province. The plants are sown, grown, retted and dried in the traditional way, nothing has changed for thousands of years! The produced textiles are then transformed into garments in Shandong Province. For dyeing, HempAge uses only CIBA reagents or DyStar dyes that meet or exceed GOTS or IVN standards. HempAge does not use optical brightener or any other potentially dangerous substance; and any additional treatment strictly meets the IVN standards. The entire HempAge production line is not only certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, but partner companies and their productions are also rigorously controlled by HempAge staff at every stage. Some products like hemp socks are made in Hungary or Germany. Their commitment is not limited to the development and marketing of textiles, but also includes research in the areas of fiber extraction and refinement. In addition, HempAge has participated with European committees dedicated to the spread of hemp in other areas such as insulating material or fiber composites. In 2012, HempAge founded a research organization to establish a concrete remedy for the technological shortage in the treatment of hemp. HempAge is a member of:

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The Swiss brand PURE Sativa, which specializes in the production of organic hemp bags, is committed to the environment by controlling all stages of production, from hemp cultivation to the delivery of finished products. waste, improvement of working conditions, fair trade, All ethical and ethnic values The bags are all made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. PURE also uses a chemical-free tanning process to design its products.



Of British origin, the Sativa bag brand is also committed to the environment by favoring the natural fibers of hemp and organic cotton in the manufacture of its products.