Native from Central Asia, hemp has been used by men since the Neolithic era. Its use then spread over all continents. Hemp clothing has been appreciated for a long time for its natural textile fabric.

 Hemp is a wonderful plant with multiple benefits and incredible potential:

=> easy to grow
=> great growth rate in fibre per sqm
=> doesn’t require herbicides or other phytosanitaries
=> doesn’t require a lot of water
=> resists droughts
=> doesn’t deteriorate soils as opposed to cotton cultivation


Last century, hemp production has fallen in the western countries due to strong regulations around marijuana and strong competitiveness in the textile industry; leaving China and India to take this part of the market and become their biggest producers.


Nevertheless, in the last few years, hemp has returned gradually in less traditional markets: manufacturing of environmentally friendly building materials (like concrete, insulation ...), automobile market, sport, food (oil, seeds)…

In hemp everything is usable: fibre, seeds, barks and straw!


Hemp’s natural fibre is used in the clothing business for the following reasons:

=> very comfortable and soft

=> exceptional natural protection to UV

=>   absorbent fibres

=>   good insulation properties

=>   antibacterial & antifungal


Environmentally cultivated and weaved to protect our planet, hemp clothing gives a sensation of freshness and softness on your skin.

Over time, your clothes become softer and softer.

Finally, the more you will wear hemp clothing, the more you will want to wear it!


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