In our ecological online store Daregreen, we have selected high quality organic cotton sweaters for women. The hemp sweater is often made of hemp and organic cotton to give it even more resistance and a tighter stitch. This is why these organic sweaters can be worn both summer and winter. In addition, hemp fiber has many properties which makes it more absorbent and more thermoregulatory. Our organic cotton women's underwear is extremely soft and very comfortable in winter and summer under an organic wool sweater, under a woman's organic cotton sweatshirt or an organic wool sweater. The Thought brand organic cotton sweater is made with cotton without the use of harmful chemicals and this cotton is certified to organic farming standards. Its production supports the health of soils, the environment and people by using natural processes rather than artificial inputs. Bamboo sweaters are also made with organic cotton and bamboo fiber. Very soft and easy to maintain, these organic sweaters will go very well for relaxing outfits on weekends and at home. Pair them with organic jogging or lounge pants in hemp. The HempAge women's hemp vest is colorful. Classic in shape, straight with buttons or zipper, the hemp cardigan can also be worn over a hemp dress or a hemp T-shirt. The organic sweater can be with a round neck, a V-neck with a relaxed straight shape or close to the body. Also find hemp sweaters with ¾ sleeves, long or short sleeves. The organic sweater in sailor, plain stripes, polka dots or patterns will make you happy with the seasons and respecting our planet!

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