Do you want to find hemp pants for men? fluid pants in organic cotton? organic cotton or hemp jeans? Daregreen offers you a selection of ecological and sustainable pants in natural fiber. The hemp pants for women are made with hemp fibers selected for their quality and organic cultivation. Besides the comfort of hemp clothing, this admirable plant presents an ecological balance, which is the best in its field. The plant therefore does not need pesticides or herbicides. In addition, it loosens the compacted soil with its deep roots, and the water consumption of a hemp crop is significantly lower than that of cotton. Therefore, Daregreen has selected major organic and ethical brands to offer you colorful and trendy fashion. The loose and comfortable 100% hemp pants will seduce you with their flexibility and resistance. Also discover all of our organic cotton and hemp Bermuda shorts, which are very soft to wear for your summer activities but also in relaxing clothes on weekends. The Hempage men's hemp Bermuda shorts have a classic cut with many pockets. Soft, organic cotton canvas pants will perfectly fit your shapes in spring and summer. Pure hemp or mixed with organic cotton constitutes a very absorbent, antibacterial and antifungal fiber. You will appreciate these organic clothes for all its properties. The hemp and organic cotton shorts are perfect for warmer days. Choose your favorite color and discover this breathable and temperature-regulating hemp fiber. Men's organic pants are dyed with environmentally friendly dyes without toxic products. The manufacture and processing of hemp are carried out according to international criteria and labels which guarantee exceptional products! Also discover the men's organic cotton trousers from the Thought brand which are easy to wear and maintain. With its very soft fiber and trendy colors you will find the perfect ecological men's clothing.