Nothing better than exercising in organic, sustainable and ethical clothing for women. Discover the hemp and organic cotton t-shirts, bamboo fiber joggers, hemp leggings for your outdoor and indoor physical activities. Wear our women's hemp leggings for your Yoga sessions and enjoy all the benefits of this fiber. Antifungal and antibacterial, hemp will limit the effects of perspiration thanks to its absorbency. Do not be cold in winter, when you run, with bamboo fiber jogging. Thick or lighter depending on the season, colorful or basic, jogging bottoms will follow you all year round. The comfortable cut, the elastic adjusted to your body type, the tightened ankles for ethical and ecological sport. Organic jogging can be worn with sneakers or sandals for a more casual look! Also discover the anti-perspiration socks and socks in bamboo, hemp and organic cotton for particular comfort for your feet. With these fibers, you will take care of your feet. They will stay dry all day! Find all the elasticity of these fibers for total well-being during your movements. Organic sweatshirts and t-shirts will also seduce you for your sports activities. The fibers selected with care and precaution come from organic and sustainable plantations and respect many international labels such as GOTS, FAIRWEAR. Respect for environmental and human standards are important criteria for Daregreen in the selection of their partners. We want to offer you clothes made sustainably with quality organic fibers. Organic cotton lingerie can also accompany you in the practice of your sport for good support and a fiber that breathes. Let yourself be seduced by the matching organic cotton bras for yoga or other sports

Sport & Yoga

Practice your sporting activity with ecological, vegan and organic clothing! Sportswear, yoga in hemp, organic cotton, ethical bamboo and vegan to accompany you in your physical and relaxation activities: leggings, jogging, shorts, t-shirt, tank top in natural fibers.

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