Women's organic socks will allow you to take care of your feet and the planet. Find the organic bamboo socks from the Thought brand as well as the organic socks. Thought pays particular attention to the choice of natural fibers. Discover these bamboo anti-perspiration socks thanks to this fiber whose properties are no longer to be proven: This anti-perspirant, anti-fungal fiber will keep your feet dry all day long, at work and during your sports activities! Bamboo fiber socks are made of bamboo but also organic cotton and recycled fibers. Indeed, the Thought brand uses recycled polyester fabric. The latter is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is mainly found in plastic bottles. This recycled polyester is made entirely from used plastic bottles. These Thought bamboo socks are therefore part of a sustainable and eco-responsible approach. Organic cotton socks can be worn with your joggers, organic pants, hemp leggings or organic shorts all year round. Women's organic low socks, organic wool socks, hemp ... for all tastes, winter and summer. The hemp socks from the HempAge brand are available in hemp and organic cotton socks, in hemp and Yak wool socks. Thick, light, warm and resistant, these hemp socks will respect your feet. Hemp is antibacterial, thermoregulatory and insulating. In addition, these hemp socks are made in Europe, Germany and Hungary. Bamboo and organic cotton tights will also seduce you. Extremely soft and resistant, these organic tights will accompany you on cooler days. Sober, trendy or colorful, choose your organic tights according to your desires: striped, polka dots, with timeless patterns, they will go wonderfully with your skirts, dresses, tunics of the moment.


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