Women's hemp t-shirts are made from 100% hemp or mixed with organic cotton. Extremely soft, flexible and resistant, the woman's hemp t-shirt is available in different cuts and colors. Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, sleeveless, the organic hemp t-shirt, V-neck or round neck will be worn both winter and summer for inexpensive ethical and organic fashion. Women's organic cotton and / or hemp tank tops will accompany you in summer under a cardigan, jacket or simply to fully enjoy the sun! These ecological women's t-shirts from the Thought or HempAge brand are manufactured according to international criteria and labels in total environmental and ethical respect. All basic organic cotton fabrics are GOTS * certified. This label supports and protects farmers and the environment. As a natural fiber, This organic cotton is breathable and incredibly soft. These women's ethical t shirts can also be worn as sports clothing. Indeed, hemp fiber is an insulating, antifungal, antibacterial and very absorbent fiber. In winter as in summer, you will benefit from this fiber which self-regulates your temperature! Also discover clothes in Tencel ™, a fiber made from Eucalyptus wood. These women's Lyocell clothes give a satin appearance, very soft like silk. These tops are very stylish and comfortable in ¾ or long sleeves. The Thought brand also offers bamboo and organic cotton tops. This mixture of ecological fibers gives a very soft and thick textile structure in bamboo t-shirts, organic sweatshirts, there is something for everyone. Find this ecological fabric on organic bamboo turtlenecks and uprights for women, easy to wear in winter to guarantee you optimal protection against the cold!

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bamboo or hemp tops and t-shirts super-soft and consciously crafted

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