Discover our entire range of ethical organic clothing for men. Daregreen has selected ecological clothing for men in hemp, bamboo, wool, organic cotton, original and respectful of nature. For more than 5 years, Daregreen has chosen its partners according to precise and internationally recognized quality criteria. The traceability of items, their origin, information on the ecological impact and the quality of natural fibers, respect for working conditions are elements that we demand. Ethical clothing brands like HempAge and Thought select natural, sustainable fibers that use less water, fewer pesticides and produce less CO2. These brands of organic ecological clothing for women have engaged in means of environmentally friendly and sustainable production. Indeed, the recycling of fabric scraps are integrated into the manufacturing process of organic textiles. Therefore, there is a desire to reduce waste and create new eco-friendly textile fibers. Our online men's fair trade clothing store offers men's hemp t-shirts, men's organic cotton pants, hemp shirts and bamboo fiber boxer shorts. You will also find tops. Daregreen wants to (re) introduce men to hemp clothing. This hemp fiber, long exploited for hundreds of years, was gradually abandoned in the 20th century with the lobby of the cotton industry. More ecological, this hemp fiber has many properties. Very absorbent, antifungal and antibacterial, the textile fiber of hemp gives fabrics that are at the same time soft, flexible and resistant. Making clothes from hemp therefore requires 4 times less water than non-organic cotton. The hemp plant matures extremely quickly, within 120 days, and one hectare can absorb a huge amount of CO², around 15 tonnes.


Hemp clothing for men

Discover all the novelties of the ready-to-wear collection in hemp and organic cotton for men, an eco-responsible and sustainable men's fashion.

Wide choice of sweaters, pants, shirts, boxers in natural, ethical and ecological fiber.

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