Double-thickness organic hemp makeup


Washable organic hemp and cotton wipes

These 6 hemp wipes are designed with 2 sides: 1 cleaning side and a drying side. And to carry them everywhere, these washable cotton are delivered in a hemp and organic cotton pouch.

55% hemp and 45% organic cotton *

* Oeko -tex cotton GOTS certified

lingette bio lavable lingettes bio

washable organic wipes organic wipes

Weight: colored side: 310g / m²

hemp-colored side: 150g / m²

Format 11 x 11 cm, made in Ireland


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Double-thickness organic hemp makeup remover wipes

These washable organic wipes are made of organic hemp and cotton. The washable organic make-up removing squares are made of natural fibers for more comfort.

Make-up remover cottons are easy to use and gently cleanse impurities and traces of make-up.

These wipes can be used as you wish:

- to remove make-up from your face: use the "hemp-colored" side with water or your make-up removing lotion then finish with the colored side to rinse.

- to wash the baby: use the "hemp-colored" side to roughly wash off then the other side to finish (with or without water or liniment)

These reusable organic cleaning wipes are suitable for all skin types including very sensitive skin. Hemp has many properties: antifungal, antibacterial and very absorbent.

Why take washable wipes?

It is estimated that one washable wipe can replace 400 disposable cotton pads. Indeed, this fabric square can be washed between 150 and 200 times! The advantage is therefore ecological and economical.

This set of 6 organic wipes will accompany you everywhere thanks to the hemp pouch.

Maintenance of your washable wipes

- Very easy to maintain,

- do not require ironing

- can be easily machine passed from 40 ° to 60 °

lingette bio lavable lingettes bio


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