Bamboo Mop
  • Bamboo Mop

Bamboo Mop


A cloth that cleans everything, wipes everything.

90% viscose from the processing of bamboo - 10% polyester

here finally a cloth which cleans everything, which wipes everything.

Whether at home, in the garden or in the office. Whether you are at home or on the move, SERATOU will accompany you everywhere.

If it rains, Seratou will mop up the standing water on the saddle. If your glasses are dirty, Seratou will give them to you like new. If you want to wash your tiles or your floors, no problem for Seratou. Cleaning a wooden floor will also be a breeze, as will polish a bathtub or ...

This ultra power is due to the combination of 3 fibers: bamboo, microfiber and cotton (organic)

50% bamboo - 25% polyester - 25% cotton

40CM X 50CM

Made in France, in the Hauts-de-France region


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An ecological bamboo face towel

Resulting from the alliance between bamboo, microfiber and cotton, SERATOU is THE multi-purpose organic fabric that will continue to serve you well. Composed of 2 distinct faces, its fields of application are very numerous.


The velvet side is a mix between bamboo and microfiber. Thanks to the bamboo, the fabric is both very soft and ultra absorbent. As for the microfiber, it brings its descaling power. Much more surprising, the alliance of the 2 fibers increases the powers of each of them tenfold. With this side, you clean in depth without damaging fragile coatings.

The velvet side of this multi-purpose organic fabric is extraordinarily effective in removing greasy stains, cleaning floors, washing tiles or doing the dishes. This side effectively replaces the mop and any other product for tiles.


The mixture of cotton and bamboo gives a high resistance to this side. Able to transform into a kitchen towel or a floor polish machine, it is also ultra efficient for dusting or turning into a washable paper towel. Flexible and handy, it goes everywhere.


at. Dry use

Replace the paper towel

Tea towe

Hand towel

Dust off

Clean an isolated stain on tiles, doors, glasses, computer screens, the floor ...

b. Use with water

Clean the tiles

Clean floors

Clean stains on clothes ...

vs. Use with household products

With liquid wax: wax or polish the floors with the “sponge” side

With washing-up liquid: wash the dishes

With soda crystals: Use the velvet side to clean garden furniture, walls… or all difficult tasks.


Made in France, in the Hauts-de-France region

Care Instructions

Machine wash at 60 degrees. Wash inside out with similar colors. Hot iron on reverse side. Do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry. PARTNER BRANDS


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