sustainable hempLet's reduce the carbon footprint together!

Stop plastic!

Daregreen offers you when ordering to receive your items without plastic packaging around. Indeed, with the option 'I am zero waste and I do not want plastic over-packaging on my order' you will receive your items only in the envelope.

Thus, you reduce your plastic packaging!

We will of course take back your items if they do not suit you even without the plastic packaging!

Note, however, that our partners are also playing the game and now offer 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging with integration into the environment and transformation into fertilizer for plants.

Optimization of shipments!

In addition, to reduce the environmental impact with our partners and therefore with you, Daregreen ships your shipments from Ireland, with a relay in France for your possible product returns.

Delivery times will always be the same with order processing on D + 1 and shipping time on  5/6 days.